India Universities and Institutions Network for Disaster Risk Reduction (IUINDRR-NIDM)

Agenda 6 from Prime Minister's 10-point agenda on DRR

Composition of Executive Committee

  1. An Executive Committee will have a maximum of 15 members. It will be headed by ED, NIDM. One Faculty member and Secretary (Programme Director) of the Secretariat from NIDM will be part of this committee. Other members will include one each of sufficient seniority from UGC, AICTE and AIU. The remaining two to three members of high credentials and established professionals and academia will be nominated/ invited. The Committee will also have one member each, from amongst the members of the Network, representing 6 different regions of the country.
  2. Representatives from International organizations/ agencies can be invited to the Executive Committee meetings based on needs and relevance.
  3. Members of the Executive Committee shall serve for a maximum period of two consecutive terms, each term consists of 2 years. Every two years not more than one-third of the members of the Committee could change so as to ensure continuity.
  4. The Executive Committee shall meet at least once in every quarter, which may be held face to face or through appropriate communication media.
  5. The Executive Committee is free to recommend co-option of members and also utilize the services of specialists and advisors to participate in an advisory capacity in the meetings of the Executive Committee.
  6. In the event that a member university, selected to the Executive Committee, decides not to serve on it, or subsequently resigns, the Executive Committee has the power to recommend co-option of an additional member university/ Institute to fill such vacancy.