India Universities and Institutions Network for Disaster Risk Reduction (IUINDRR-NIDM)

Agenda 6 from Prime Minister's 10-point agenda on DRR

Functions of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the policy, oversight and coordinating body on behalf of the General Assembly and other bodies mentioned in these Memorandum of Association. Its functions are to recommend:

  1. establishment of any necessary by-laws in accordance with the Memorandum of Association;
  2. raising of funds and resources for the functioning of IUINDRR-NIDM.
  3. passing upon applications, memberships to IUINDRR-NIDM
  4. determining of an annual budget and exercise control thereof, as well as to receive contributions, donations and legacies, and raise funds from such sources as it deems appropriate , as and when required;
  5. establishing a committee on finance and administration to review all matters pertaining to financial resources, financial management and administration, as and when required;
  6. establishing terms of reference, composition and time limits for any other necessary committees, working groups or task forces;
  7. suspension or termination of agencies from membership for other good and sufficient reason, as established by the Executive Committee;
  8. applying for consultative or other status, as appropriate, with intergovernmental organizations and bodies;
  9. maintaining relations with national or international bodies, groups or councils of voluntary agencies;
  10. preparation of the meetings of the General Assembly;
  11. formulation and implementation of policy in line with the general guidelines adopted by the General Assembly.
  12. receiving of audited financial statements, as and when applicable.
  13. receiving and reviewing reports from the Member Universities/ Institutions.
  14. suggesting constitution and mandate of working groups and other ad-hoc and standing bodies;