India Universities and Institutions Network for Disaster Risk Reduction (IUINDRR-NIDM)

Agenda 6 from Prime Minister's 10-point agenda on DRR

Functions of the Secretariat

The Secretariat will be housed at NIDM and supported by NIDM. The Secretariat will work under the direction of the Executive Director, NIDM. It will be led and managed by the Programme Director, who will be ex-officio member secretary of Executive Committee and will be directly reporting to the Executive Director, NIDM.

The roles and responsibilities of the Secretariat are:

  1. To work with the Executive Committee and member agencies to achieve the purposes of the network.
  2. To facilitate organizing the General Assembly.
  3. To facilitate the formulation of and implement with the authorization of the Executive Committee, policies, programmes and priorities identified by the General Assembly, the Executive Committee and other IUIN-DRR bodies, where appropriate.
  4. To help define issues and recommend priorities in consultation with the membership on concerns that may warrant the attention/action of network’s constituent bodies;
  5. To propose specific activities to the Executive Committee;
  6. As and when applicable, to manage the programs and finance of the network and report regularly to the Committee on Finance and Administration and Executive Committee;
  7. To liaise and, when authorized by the Executive Committee, represent the Council with relevant governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations as appropriate in achieving network goals;
  8. To facilitate and service the constituent IUIN-DRR bodies and other network meetings;
  9. To provide services to members and other organizations as authorized by the Executive Committee;
  10. To develop publications and outreach materials with its member universities;
  11. To host the website and update the information contained therein; and
  12. To promote membership of the network