India Universities and Institutions Network for Disaster Risk Reduction (IUINDRR-NIDM)

Agenda 6 from Prime Minister's 10-point agenda on DRR


The following organizations can be members of the IUNDRR-NIDM:

  1. National and International Universities / institutes conducting education/research and extension programs in disaster risk reduction and climate change.
  2. Individual which includes young scientists and professionals working in the field of disaster risk reduction- (to be opened at later stage)
  3. The membership will be initially open to selected/ select organizations as determined by the Executive Committee.
  4. Universities/ Institutions engaged in disaster risk reduction and climate change activities based on the criteria to be decided separately.
  5. Member universities retain their autonomy, including the right of withdrawal from the network. The Executive Committee shall decide the membership of the network. Each member university needs to submit a signed membership note with a validity of three years, along with the name of the focal person for the network. The Executive Committee can invite universities to become members.

New Membership

  • A university seeking membership of IUINDRR-NIDM shall submit its request letter to the IUINDRR-NIDM Secretariat, NIDM with information on its activities related to the network objectives. The Executive Committee will decide on the inclusion of new members.


  1. A university or research organization that wishes to participate in, or benefit from, IUINDRR-NIDM activities, but because of constitutional constraints or reasons of principles cannot be a member, may apply for an Observer Status. The Executive Director, NIDM shall decide on such application(s), based on the recommendation from the Executive Committee.
  2. Governments, intergovernmental organizations, UN, civil societies, NGO networks and other official bodies similarly interested may be invited by the Secretariat to send official observers to the meetings of General Assembly after due recommendation by the Executive Committee and approval by the Executive Director, NIDM.

Membership Fees

  • At present, there is no membership fee. Fees, if any, will be reviewed at later stage (after one year).

Termination of Membership

  • The membership of a university/ institute may be suspended for good and sufficient reasons by the recommendation of Executive Committee and the decision of Executive Director, NIDM.